The heart and center of Maria Gardens is the greenhouse department. Our growers strive to produce the highest quality Hanging Baskets, Annuals, Vegetables, Flats, and much more. All of Maria Gardens' stock comes from their own state of the art growing facilities in Columbia Station. 

Maria Gardens is known for their gorgeous, homegrown  hanging baskets. There are thousands to choose from, with thousands of different colors, varieties, & combinations. 

The greenhouses are consistently cleaned, restocked and plants are continually watered, fertilized, and monitored for pest and diseases. While the plants and products vary as the seasons change, tropical plants and lush, colorful foliage like ferns, ficus, ivy, hibiscus, palms, spider plants and many others are available all year.

Flowering favorites like violets, mums, kalanchos, peace lilies, Reiger begonias and dozens of others are also available year round along with our customers' favorite herbs and hardy houseplants like cacti, aloe vera or snake plant. Highlighting the many breathtaking combination planters we offer from spring through summer are the Proven Winner varieties.

Customers can also always choose a fuscia, impatiens or geranium hanging baskets from the many colors and varieties available, as well as the thousands of flats of bedding plants and vegetables. The greenhouse and growing concerns offer challenges, rewards and satisfaction. We are constantly searching through more improved hybrids and cultivars, and take great pride in raising our Easter lilies, hydrangeas and poinsettias.